How to use same dispatcher for different performers?

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I would like to use one dispatcher for a different performer. For instance in UiPath practices the dispatcher always the same process; log in to system1, navigate to the work item, and extract the data. The only condition is the type of work item. So is there any solution to create for example argument for starting? Let’s say are type is “WI4” and the dispatcher gets the data for “WI4” only. For a different process type must be “WI3”.

Hi @huseyinemre.cetin,

You can keep the “type” as an asset in orchestrator and can get the asset in the process, you can change type to “WI4” or “WI3” in the asset before running the dispatcher.


Hi @huseyinemre.cetin, welcome to the Community.

You can use the following approach:

Step 1: Create different queues for every transaction type.
Step 2: Filter the different types of data in the Dispatcher & upload the respective type of data to their designated queues.
Step 3: You can configure the queues in multiple dispatchers accordingly. Ex: WI3 perform consumes data from the WI3 queue.

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I’ll try both scenarios. Thanks a lot