How to use row numbers, then write used, if used then continue to following numbers


Im trying to come out a robot where i want to read the numbers in A1 onwards and write used to A2, then continue in sequence numbers after being used.

If.xaml (7.6 KB)

RunningNumber.xlsx (62.5 KB)

i tried to use from below and do not know how to continue

a) Excel application scope
b) read range
c) for each row

and stuck at IF and do not know what condition and further activity should i use


Hi @Alfred_Gan

I have made some modification in your xaml file. Please check if it works for you

If.xaml (12.0 KB)

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can you explain bit more

Hi @kumar.varun2

Thank you for the xaml file which is very useful.

Somehow i tried to bring these number into my email subject as running number.

I tried to put in my activities to use to sequence number but somehow failed.

This is activities in your xaml file.

If (1).xaml (28.9 KB)

Hi @Veera_Raj

Actually i was trying to bring these sequence number into the emails subject for numbers of email trying to send by using automation.

So i need to let the robot know that each email subject is being used by the sequence number, then everytime the robot run again, then it shall take the following sequence of number which is not used.


Hi @kumar.varun2

I think i manage to input the activities in there and so far is running in sequence.

But now each row has its own item, says 5 email would send out. but all 5 email would take as the same sequence number.

“[”+TodayDate+“-”+row(“Vendor”).ToString+“-”+SequenceNumber.ToString+“]”+" Request For Quotation: "+row(“Item Category”).ToString


how to tag a different number in sequence for each email?

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