How to use "=RIGHT(Z:Z,6)" function in "Write Cell Work book" activities?

Hello everyone!
The scenario is : I have to find uniq value from specific column in worksheet. I have used the “RIGHT(Z:Z, 6)” function to get uniq value but the problem is.
When I manually provide range in Cell field of “write cell workbook” activity it works fine but when I try to use Cell field in dynamic way it’s throwing error.

Picture is attached Below:

Hi @Prabin_Chand ,

Could you please try using write cell activity to write your formula in cell P2 and use auto fill range activity to fill the formula for the p2:p14536 (you can try to pass this range dynamically). Give it a try. Thanks

I tried this but not working

Hi @Prabin_Chand ,

Is it not filling the formula in that range. Could you pls try with classic activities write cell and auto fill range.

is there any problem with modern activity ? or what ? i didn’t get it ?

I am not sure why it is not working. I have suggested work around that’s it. It is your call whether to use or not.

in classic activity of write cell. It only takes sheet name as “Sheet1” or “Sheet2” and so on… But in my scenario I have many sheets with different names.

whats next ?

I am new here, but from an “outsider’s” perspective it appears that your final row number could be one greater than the actual row count (depending on array indices starting at the value of 0 or 1). You could try using the value iBankTotalRows-1 (or confirm otherwise that you are not exceeding the size of the sheet).

You are providing whole range there you have to provide only single cell

Hi @Prabin_Chand ,

Please find attahched xaml file and use the code it will works(I have tested in my PC working fine).

Pavan Kumar
Test - Temp.xaml (7.4 KB)