How to use rename sheet activity


i need to rename exscel sheet.
i have new sheet name in item variable of for each and old sheet nsame is sheet1 and sheet 2 and to write values i am just writing sheet+varable which chnage to 1 and 2.
using rename sheet activity.
which is not accepting string data.
accepts only sheet ref

how can i pass sheet+variable?
help me on same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

You need to specify the From (Which will be the target sheet) like this & then you will be able to update the sheet.


Hope this helps,
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ok can i use this in normal excel aplication scope? rename sheet activity


This activity is only valid inside the Use Excel activity, and thus cannot be used with Excel Application Scope.

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ok i will try

In Addition to

We will use the sheet name with Excel.Sheet(“YourSheetName”).Name statement

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