How to use relative element in ui path?

what if label is in bottom and input field in above the label ?
does has up other values? like 2, 3, etc ?
what if there are more than one input fields inside the a parent label ?

There are some questions, please make me understand how will that work then ??

Thank you :slight_smile:

Buddy @blacksundar

This could help you buddy

Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the above article, though it has with label at top and value at bottom, you can select the label at the bottom and value you want to extract relative to the label, at the top and that would work for sure buddy
Cheers @blacksundar

Thanks you so much for the link but the i wanted to ask, is there any way to use more values of ‘up’ in ‘nav’?

How to use “PREV” and “NEXT” in “nav” in relative elements?

No worries buddy
But may i know at what sceanrios you want to use that buddy…

@Palaniyappan Yes I just want to know how PREV, NEXT is being used in nav. I’m not using that but even then I wanted to know. :slight_smile: