How to use Relationships in Data Service?

I have 2 entities in Data Service

entity1        entity2 
Id             entity1Id (relationship column)            field1 field2
1234-1234...   1234-1234...                               value1 value2
1243-1243...   1243-1243...                               value3 value4

After querying entity1, how do I access values from entity2 having the Id as a relationship column?
Basically I wonder if I can do something like: recordEntity1(“Id value”).field1

Thank you!

Hi, If you plan to use existing “Data Service” activities , following could be approach.

  1. Use activity : “Query Entity Records” on Entity 1.
  2. You can use result of the step 1 and convert the obtained result - Datatable 's "column -ID " to “List” of IDs OR “pass it to the orchestrator queue” as per requirement.
  3. You can use the results from step 2 to be used in activity “Get Entity Record By Id” on Entity2