How to use regex "/(?:\$13\,371\ \-\ \$15\,054)/"?

Error i got is System.Linq.Enumerable+d__97`1[System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match]

Please correct the question details

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Im reading an pdf file and trying to extract curreny and for that this regex “/(?:$13,371\ -\ $15,054)/” works in other portal but not with uipath thats pdf file im using.
2017 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4T SE Sedan 4D Trade In Values _ Kelley Blue Book.pdf (238.7 KB)


Use **For Each ** activity and then use the below condition in the in clause.

Regex.Matches(strText, "(?:\$13\,371\ \-\ \$15\,054)")

Then use the value inside the foreach as


If have to do in

For Each match As Match In Regex.Matches(data, "(?:\$13\,371\ \-\ \$15\,054)")

i used assign acitivty
x = Regex.Matches(strText, “(?:$13,371\ -\ $15,054)”)
then used foreach item in x
but i’m getting error for this as

Regex is not declared and strText is not declared

buddy mention lke this in assign activity buddy

ck = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches…

and ck should of type
buddy and you can search in browser type in variable panel under Variable Type column with that drop down option @apurvalost
That would work for sure try and let know buddy
Cheers @apurvalost

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(?:$13,371\ -\ $15,054) gives error of struct sytem.int32= 371


buddy pass them as string buddy within double quotes like this
Regex.Matches(strText, “(?:$13,371\ -\ $15,054)”)

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still geting this error cannot assign it to this variable

define the datatype of ck like this buddy @apurvalost

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Hi @apurvalost,

Please check the attached xaml and let me know that does it satisfy your requirement.
FindCurrency.xaml (5.5 KB)

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missing activity

Buddy no system.colection.generic.ienumerable
only this buddy @apurvalost
for ck
define the datatype of ck like this buddy @apurvalost

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solved using


Amazing buddy
keep going
Cheers @apurvalost

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Just install UiPath.PDF.Activities package from manage packages and try.

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Those are already there , anyhow thanks for help its solved. Appreciated

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