How to use postpone property for dispatcher/performer processes?

Hi everyone, I’m curious about Queue’s postpone property. I have a process as dispatcher and performer. Dispatcher side collects items and adds them Performer’s Queue. When data comes to Performer’s queue, it needs to work… I dont want to develop process in one piece and dont want to use delay. Can I solve this problem with the postpone feature? When data added the Performer’s queue with postpone 15min feature, does the Performer system wait for this period or does it process the item as soon as it arrives?

Hi @ozgecatak,

If you add items to the Performer’s queue with a 15-minute delay, the Performer system will not process those items immediately. Instead, it will pause for the specified 15-minute period before proceeding with the processing.

Vinit Mhatre

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Thanks for your answer. I couldnt try it on my machine for some problem. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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