How to use pick branch activity in uipath

Hi guys, could you please help me to use pick branch activity


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Hi @Anil_G i need a clear understanding how to use pick branch, kindly help me to get the solution for the below mentioned scenario

So there is field will take the password…

So we are intentionally giving wrong password…

So it will gives the pop up showing that "you have 1 chance is done out of 3

Like 3 pop ups will come when we are continuously giving wrong password intentionally

So for this scenario i want to use pick branch…

Kindly help me

Hi @chandolusathi.kumar

To use the Pick branch activity in UiPath to handle the scenario that you described, you can do the following:

  1. Use the Get Password activity to prompt the user for a password and store the entered password in a string variable.
  2. Use a Pick activity to specify the different branches that should be executed based on the entered password.
  3. In the first branch of the Pick activity, use an If activity to check if the entered password is correct.
  4. If the password is incorrect, use a Counter variable to keep track of the number of attempts. If the number of attempts is less than 3, use the Message Box activity to display a message
  5. If the number of attempts is equal to 3, use the Message Box activity to display a message indicating that all chances have been used up and the workflow should be terminated. You can use the Terminate Workflow activity to terminate the workflow at this point.

Kaviyarasu N

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