How to use PDF To Excel Activity?

How to use PDF to Excel Activity ?

Iam not getting what to given as asn expression in “Tubular” section which is a Boolean expression.

Please help me to understand .

Iam ttaching the screen shot of the same and is highlighted.image

It looks like you’re using the activity from the Go! page here. It says

  • Tabular: Pass only true or false value.
    ‘true’ = Convert all data to spreadsheet (tabular and even textual).
    ‘false’ = Skip textual data and convert only tabular (tables) data.

I had installed from the manage packages of Uipath.

As you suggested , when I typed “True” or “False” its showing error.(Compilor error , Option strict on disallows implicit conversion from “String” to “Boolean”

That’s because it’s expecting a Boolean and you’re giving it a string. If you type True or False without the quotes then it should work.

Yes thank you. now its fine,

I have one more doubt regarding the same.

In PDF toExcel activity , the input and the output variable is of string. Then how can it possible to convert it to datatable or excel