How to use output of a workflow as input for ather workflow

Hello people,
I created a workflow that gives me a timestamp in the requested format, I want to use this timestamp in other workflows by using invoke workflow. I added the argument but in the value column, I was not able to add the output of the 1st workflow . Please suggest to me some data
Adding the screenshots for more understanding.

Note: Concat is the output of my 1st workflow
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Hi @komal.v.konduru

Please correct me if iam wrong,

  1. Is O_Date is the one where you are getting the timestamp.

  2. Are you saving the o_Date to concat variable, because I couldn’t see that.

  3. What is the error you are getting when pass the concat variable to the 2nd workflow.

  4. Is concat a string variable (what is the datatype of concat variable)


In your first screenshot - you need to assign the value of your Argument Out : O_Date to a variable first of type string.

In your second screenshot - you need to add the value of your variable that you created from the first step.

I’m slightly confused as this is foundation stuff using Invoke - passing arguments and variables - maybe take a look back at the academy training.

hi @prasath_S
1.Yes, O_Date is getting timestamp.
2.Yes, I assigned that value to concat variable
3.I don’t see concat in the list of suggestions while assigning.
4.I left that to Generic type.
Attaching screenshot for question2

Attaching error screenshot

hoping a reply

Sure @TimK

@komal.v.konduru can you please share the workflow?

From the last screenshot, are you assigning O_Date to concat before or after the invoke of second workflow?

The error is implying the variable is not declared within the relevant scope level for it to be used.

@TimK I assigned it before the second workflow

Here is the first one

and the main work flow where i induced the 1st one

Thanks and Regards


Hi @komal.v.konduru

Main - Mainworkflow
Main(5) - Childworkflow

Please follow these steps,

  1. Create an out argument (of string) in the child workflow (1st workflow)( the one you are going to invoke), set direction as out.


  1. In the main workflow create a variable called concat (of string type) and assign in the out argument.

  1. use the concat variable across the main workflow.



Thanks @prasath_S

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