How to use Orchestrator -> Process -> Output Value

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I want to re-use Result(Output) value from ‘A process’ and give it to ‘B Process’

is it possible to pass the value w/ using Output Value?


P.S i know the other ways to do that but i want to try this if it is possible.

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Can you check out this Video link


Thanks for reply

but the video isn’t telling How to use Output…

i tried to watch that video but in the end it only talk about using Input Value

Check out this Documentation @Peace_Maker


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If you want to use the output of one process in another process. You can use invoke process inside process A using invoke the process. Otherwise, you can save the output value of process A in one asset and use that asset value as input in process B.
I am not sure we have any other way to achieve this.

Input Value is simply gives the value to variable where to use in process.
then isn’t Output Value function should retrieves the value of variable from the process??
i can’t figure it out to use that Output Value as Input Value.

Seems like if i use Output Value.
it is save in Job Detail? that’s great!
now i can check output value is actually save, then how to use it in other process??

I don’t thinks so it is possible. @Peace_Maker to use Process A Output in Process B something like this.

i agree your word… can’t find the any usage about Output Value in Orchestrator… :cry:

well i’m going to use get/set asset again XD

By the way Thx for reply :slight_smile:

You can try with Store the data in the Asset and Get the Value @Peace_Maker

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@Peace_Maker Unless you store that output in the variable you can’t use it and verify. We do not have option in orchestrator to use it directly in other processes. You cn use asset or queue to store that output and call it in other process.


If you know the job id or time when the job finished, you can use API to retrieve that job. Inside the response body you get the OutputArguments:

You can also add queue item output argument when setting transaction status:

then from another process you can read that queue item with GetQueueItems with appropriate filter and read the output argument with:

QueueItem.Output(“field defined”).toString

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