How to use Orchestrator from cloud

I try to use Orchestrator.
I installed on my computer Studio Pro Community, I created my own account on UiPath Cloud Platform and I see available on the Dashboard 1 attended robot and 1 unattended-runtime.
But when I access Orchestrator Services I don’t have any Management->Robots section.
And after I create a machine and I try to connect my Studio with cloud Orchestrator I obtain Connected, unlicensed.
What is wrong?

@alexandru.moanta, please refer to the link below:

Thank’s for your help.
It works, but when I tried to create a robot (no matter what type: Studio, attended, unattended / either stand-alone licensed or not ) the robot was always disconnected. Why ?

To start the execution of a project in Orchestrator , you can try some steps as below.

  1. Register all the Robots to execute the process to Orchestrator according to the instructions above.
  2. In Studio, click the Publish button to send the project to Orchestrator as a package.
  3. Create an Environment with all the Robots to be used.
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