How to use Orchestrator API to change value of only one robot in a per robot asset?


I am currently using the Orchestrator API to change my per robot asset credentials (client requirement).

I am using a PUT HTTP request. The request works just fine.

However I noticed that the PUT request overwrites any previous robot credentials.

Example if my asset credential credential_robot1 which is per value has the following robots :

  • robot 1 username X password X
  • robot 2 username X password X
  • robot 3 username Y password Y
  • robot 4 username Z password Z

When I do my PUT request to change robots 1 and 2 credential robots 3 and 4 are deleted from the asset.

If things are not clear until now, I will ask a “simple” question:

How can you use the Orchestrator API to change the value of only one robot in a per robot asset WITHOUT removing other robot values.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me if my topic / question is not clear at all I would be happy to rephrase/give more details :slight_smile:

Thank you to anyone who even attemps to answer ! :smiley:

I haven’t tried it myself as I haven’t had to deal with this. However, it seems like it’s treating the asset as a single entry, so you have to include robot 3 = same and robot 4 = same rather than excluding them.

Would it be possible for you to retrieve all robot credentials for that asset, then edit only the ones that need updating, then use the PUT request to update the credentials?

Hey Dave,

The issue is since these are credentials I can not retrieve the old password of each robot via API :frowning:

I can retrieve it via get credential but since it’s per robot I would have to do it on each robot.

But at least I understand that the API gives access to the whole asset it doesn’t give access to modifying a specific robot value without knowing the other robot values beforehand so you can reupload them via PUT

Maybe it could have been something like https://my_orchestrator/robotvalue(X) that existed and I just didn’t see it in the API documentation :smiley:

Thank you for your help Dave

Hi @Cosmin_Mandoc ,

Can you share your .xaml file?

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