How to use OAuth1,OAuth2 options in HttpRequest?


Hi Guys,

Now using HttpRequest activity , i just want to pass authentication token to URL. i can able to send via headers option. then what is the purpose of OAuth1,Oauth2 options. i tried to give authentication in every possible way ,but no use .please suggest me why Oauth1,Oauth2 options and how to use that.


Hi Sukesh,

We have recently started using UIPath and got stucked in a step where HTTP request is to be sent to retrieve data from web server. It looks like you were successful in sending the request through headers, would you mind elaborating that procedure so that we would try to implement that in our scenario?


@sureshf1204 ,Could you explain what is the requirement and where you got stuck ? if i know that ,it would be very help full to me to explain the activity.


Hi Sukesh,

I Am trying to generate the Oauth 2 Token for google calendar API from the HTTP request activity in ui path I tried passing all the required parameters like Client Id, Client Secret in parameters but not successful, Can you suggest me any possible ways to generate the oauth 2 token.