How to Use Nuget Package Manager With VS 2019

Hello all ,

has anyone used Nuget Package Manager with VS 2019 ? I believe it comes in built with vs 2019.

How to use it ? I have my DLL Created. Not sure where to look for Nuget Package Explorer.

Please help

@mvpmurali @ClaytonM @UiPathMaster

We can add that resource here in manage packages option in the design tab of studio
for more details

Cheers @AdityaShivam

But I just have DLL not the NuPkg. I am struggling to create the nupkg

Got the solution , thanks

Can you add whatever you did to solve your problem here and mark it as the solution?
It may help someone else in the future with a similar problem.

I just downloaded nuget Package Explorer from here :slight_smile:

Then I followed the normal process of Adding Lib and DLLS and publishing it to Studio :slight_smile:

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