How to use nipath auto update Register user info to my contact?

Hi All

This is my first post. I just get to know this software yesterday.

I have create EDM to invite customer to sign up my webinar.

Upon they sign up , I will automate received am email as below link :-1

Basically it is provide me structure data info on :-
Name , Company , Mobile Phone Number , Email address.
Right now I need to manually enter the info to my handphone , in order for me to follow up with them .

May I know it this suitable ?

If above is possible can I know it is also possible to send the webinar link to their HP ?

So they will remember to attend the webinar , and also they have any question they can contact me thru WhatsApp.

Now I doing all this manual.

Hope some one can advise me.

Paul Yeo

HI @Paul_Yeo ,

Do achieve this automation please follow below steps:

Approach 1

1 - Read all mails in on go and add information of mail in excel file.
2 - Process each record of excel file one by one and start sending mail to them. For those link is sent by bot mark ‘Mail Sent’ in Status column of excel.

Approach 2

1 - Read email and reply link to same email and move to another email.
2 - Optional - If you want to track this record then add data to excel while sending mail.

Approach 3

1 - Create Dispatcher Bot - The functionality of this bot is to read data from mails and put it in the Queue.

2 - Create Performer Bot - The functionality of this bot is to process each queue item, sending mail to each users on the basis of data in the queue.


Thank you for your sharing. Those above 3 approach does help me understand better what RPA can do.

Since now i am using for handle all the automation. meaning it will automatic sending reply to user who sign up.

WIX will send me email who have sign up. when i received email for those who register for the webinar , now what i did is i enter their HP number to my smart phone and i send them whatsapp msg.

May i know how to handle sending whatsapp msg to them from my HP ?


Hi @Paul_Yeo ,

I have not tried that before, not sure how to do that
But you can try once from web whatsapp to send messages.