How to use more than one user ID to trigger a processes in Modern older?

For few processes we have specific access to few menus, which will be available only to the allocated User ID’s. As we have more count of transactions to be completed on the same day, need to trigger job in more than one user id.

In modern folder there is only two options available i.e specific user id or any user id. How to trigger process with more than one user id using queue trigger?

Hello @Preethikpn24

As you are using Queue based trigger, did you tried using any userid?

Because whenever if a new items gets add to the queue , if there is a free robot, it can work on that trigger.


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If you want to execute a process multiple times on any Robots that are available, you have the possibility to do just that by using the Allocate Dynamically option on the Execute Target tab. The jobs are queued, in a pending state, in the corresponding environment and each time a Robot becomes available, the first job in line is executed. In this way, no Robot is ever available while there are jobs pending.
Let’s say you want to run a process 7 times. The moment your trigger is triggered, 7 pending jobs are added to the environment workload, without being assigned to specific Robots.

Cheers @Preethikpn24

@Palaniyappan Thanks, But I Need to run the job a specific robot.
For example, I want to run a processes 7 times on a specific robots.
Considering we have Robot1, 2, 3, and 4, need to run a specific job on ‘Robot 2 and 4’ 7 times using queue trigger.

Able to run one user or any user, but not multiple users. Need to trigger multiple users.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thanks.
Able to run one user or any user, but not multiple users. Need to trigger multiple users.

Wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue…?
I can of have the same issue / requirement.
In Classic you could easily do this and assign Dynamically OR to Specific Robots (1 or more) OR All Robots, but “Specific Robots” no longer seems to be available when it comes to migrating to Modern Folders.
As noted, you can assign to Machine OR Account or Machine/Account, but not Machine with Account-A and Account-B even though the could have Accounts A-thru-D.