How to use loop in the form designer

Hello Team,

I want to use loop in the form designer .PFA screenshot.
when user presses “add more” button then again “select from catalog” dropdown need to be displayed and user can select “add more” button as many time as they want. and below all text field need to be displayed every time.

Thank you in Advance!

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Hey @Ashwini_Patil

Just make the button not a submit one.

Adding a property CloseOnSubmit as False helps. Or you have a property to execute Do block in the button - just enable that.



you could use a while loop in your UiPath code, that only breaks when the Add More option is not selected, that way your form would reappear each time it is selected to collect more information

Thanks for your reply, but client want it in a single form do not want it to reappear .


then it may be worth using UiPath Apps instead of Forms

Yep the above method mentioned will not close the form !