How To Use Language Translator Bot - RPA Tutorial | UiPath



Now, more than ever, automation is a priority. Software robots have become part of the ‘new normal’ for businesses and employees alike. And it is not just about efficiency, but about creating capacity and creativity for everyone.


In this new normal, you might be thinking about how to future proof your career, and so UiPath has created a robot pack to help you do just that and accelerate your new work routine. These six innovative and customizable robots are your opportunities to get a jump start on your path to successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


We know that it is not always as simple as a download and go, though. Which is why we want to provide you with some step-by-step instructions on how you can get started with RPA and your new robots. The first robot to kick off this blog series is the Translator Bot created by UiPath Presales Engineer Russel Alfeche.

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