How to use invokemethod to retrieve values from List

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I am trying to understand the invokemethod activity in the UipathStudio. I am unable to get the values from the List. I would like to pass the index as a parameter to Item() method of List and I would like to use the invokemethod Activity only. Can someone please help me to understand what needs to be how to use method which returns some values of different type. Attached is my program.InvokeMethodList.xaml (6.7 KB)


List<T>.Item is not method but property. You need to use assign activity as the following.

currentCity = cities.Item(index)  or currentCity = cities(index)

See also


I would like to use the invokemethod Activity only. Is there any way to do this?


How about the following?



@Yoichi: Nice Idea… But don’t we have any method to retrieve the list items from the List, instead of List.Item()…

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