How to use invoke power shell to run "ipconfig /all"?

Hi guys!
I want to know that How to use invoke power shell to run “ipconfig /all”?
I can run “ipconfig” with the CommandText equals “ipconfig” but can’t run “ipconfig /all”
Anybody knows how to run?
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@donghai - pls refer powershell step by step guide… it will help you for sure!

Thanks for reply.
But I think I just to run a single command, I need to creat txt balabala so many steps?
Is there a simple way?

Hi, You can directly call the command from the activity. No need to use text file. may be it is not running due to ‘/’ try escaping it.

if you just want to execute only ipconfig -> try below

  • Send Hot Key to => Open run window and Indicate Desktop or Win + R
  • Type Into to => Write “cmd[k(enter)]” Command in run window and Indicate
  • Type Into to => Write “ipconfig /all [k(enter)]” Command and Indicate Command Prompt

In fact I need run other command, but it’s samely with “inconfig /all”
And I think is not stable to use type into.
Hi @huston8 I have tried “ipconfig /all” “ipconfig -all" “ipconfig all” all of them cann’t run.

I have got the way.
the commandtext equals “ipconfig /all”, and checked the “IsScript”, and TypeArgument equals “String”.
It’s worked. :sweat_smile:

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Great… :+1: :+1:

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