How to Use Invoke Code

I have created two Variables A and B which will input numbers to add and passed these values as initial values in two arguments variables intFirst and intSecond
Now using invoke command I have put the below mentioned in the code section

Dim Result As Integer
Result= intFirst + intSecond

How do I get the value of result back in flow to display the value contained in result?


Hi @Awadhesh.singh
Check this please
out_argument.xaml (5.3 KB)


Thanks a lot Ovi this is what I was looking for.

This solution always give me the attached error.

Hi @DhananjayR

Do you have the V7 Compatibility Pack installed?

Hi, yes, V7 compatibility pack is installed already.

What version are you using? InvokeCode is available from 2017.1.

Hi Andrzej,
the version is 2017.1 only.


Please refer below,