How to use Indicate on screen to click on Message Box OK button

Interestingly I initially tried with higher values.
But almost believed that its not “MS” but may be “S”
So reduced the value to the ones mentioned in the previous reply.
But the message box doesn’t disappear for any value that is set!

You can try auto close message box activity. it has property where you can set time in seconds to close the message box. You can download package here

hola como puedo automatizar message box sin ser asistido me podrias ayudar porfavor

quiero dar clic en aceptar pero que lo haga el robot

Hi there Adi,

I was looking for the exact same thing, after finishing the whole running, i wanted to close the Message box by itself. I dont know if you had your answer, but here’s mine, it worked for me.

Hope this helps,
Have a nice day