How to use if in assign

Hi ,

please check below image

how can i use this if condition scentance in assign ?

Check this below code, @Pankaj_Dhane
Value = If(Your_Condition, True_Statement, False_Statement)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

@Manish540 can elaborate with this condition given in Pics (row.Item(“Content”).ToString.Equals(“Mobile Phase”) and Not BooleanVeriable)

(BooleanVeriable and row.Item(“Content”).ToString.Equals(“Mobile Phase Inventary”))

Variable(Type of Boolean) = If(BooleanVariable and row.Item(“Content”).ToString.Trim.Equals(“Mobile Phase Inventary”)), True, False).
If condition BooleanVeriable and row.Item(“Content”).ToString.Equals(“Mobile Phase Inventary”) both condition satisfies then,
Variable will have the value “True” Else Variable will be “False”.

thanks a lot @Manish540