How to use GSuite Activity

how can I use the G Suite activity in UiPath?
while I was using it, asking me to enter the client id and client secret. from where can I get this client id and client secret.


Hi @Achal_Sharma,

You just go through the documents first

Download it from UiPath Go.

For the documentation please refer it

i think this will make sense.


we need those two details from the user end buddy
because its their client id and client secret to authenticate the login for a user account
or we can change that to service account authentiation type in the property panel if we have that access without user concern

for more details on it

Cheers @Achal_Sharma

hi @Palaniyappan

ok but how to use the service account authentication, for that we also needed the keypath and service account email how can i get these details.


yah of course we need either of this option, i.e., we need to have either of input to be provided
for getting client id and client security
kindly have a view on this for creating authentication and accesing them

hope this helps you buddy
Cheers @Achal_Sharma

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