How to use GSuite Activities | Sheets to share a google sheet with a user?


Wondering if the GSuite activities has the functionality to share a google sheet or doc with another user? I also can’t find any related topic.

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Hope u find this videos useful regarding Gsuite

How to Use Google Sheet in Uipath | GSuite Setup and Use - YouTube


Nived N :robot:

Thank you, Nived N!

I am familiar with the usage of GSuite - I was hoping to find something in the activities to allow me to share a google sheet to another user. example when you click Share button, in google sheets, you can share the sheet with another user/email

Did you find an activity to do this?
I have the same need, I want to modify the accesses (view / edit) before and after executing my process so that it cannot be written during execution.

I would like to know if there is any activity that helps us in this and not having to click on the front of gsheets.

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