How to use for roop with using System.Data.Datarow input

hi everyone.

I want to ask you all about dev using for each.
Now I want to for each roop(UiPath Activity Block) and its input value’s datatype is System.Data.Datarow but I could not compile and execute program.
is there any way to roop Datarow?
If it is not possble to roop, how can I get data from datarow?


@taichi, Refer the following links ,

  1. For each row error (Solved) - #3 by aksh1yadav (Description)
  2. For each row error (Solved) - #2 by Mateus_Cruz (Pictorial)

Dominic :slight_smile:

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Hi Dominic

I can use for roop with using for each row!
Thank you for your advice.

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