How to use For Each wisely here ? (Case question)

There is a portal where i need to enter details like Date,BranchCodes etc etc and click on search.
Please note that there are 6-7 branch codes and I need to do the following process for each of them.

After I click on search, records appear in a table format which contains Links.
I have to click on every link one by one, after opening every link, another table appears in a popup window and I need to extract that data and push to the queue.

The problem i am facing is it does not complete the extraction for 1 branch code and starts processing the next branch code

Hi @Chetan_Wagh

First you have to extract it as datatable by using extract datatable activity. Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the datatable. Use the click activity in the for each row in datatable activity.
Indicate the click activity to first link in the table in the website. Open the selectors of click activity, Uncheck the fuzzy selectors and image, check the strict selectors.
Create a variable and store the row value (Link) in the variable. Pass the variable to the strict selector of click by using aaname or relevant attribute in the Ui explorer.

When looping the every row in the datatable it will click on the every link in the datatable.

After clicking on the link it will open a other datatable in the website, use the extract datatable activity to extract it as datatable and use bulk add queue items activity to push the extract datatable to queues and you can use the queues for further use.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Chetan_Wagh

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Can you share the workflow if possible


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