How to use For Each Loop against a specific value, not each row of a datatable?

Hope someone can help. I’m trying to run a For Each Loop against Column N but only start a new For Each Loop when the value changes. how do I achieve this? Image below for example table.

Thank you for your help.

@JayBee Not sure as to How you would want the output to be, Can you explain a bit more in detail ?

So the objective is for each row with the same value from column N will go into a sales order system. so first ‘order’ will be 1 item(row). second ‘order’ will be 2 items(rows) and third ‘order’ will be 3 items(rows).

But i need to create a loop that only repeats when the value in column N changes. I’ll create a nested For Each Loop that’ll input each line item into the order system.

but its the first issue that i’m struggling to get around.

or am i doing/thinking this all wrong?


@JayBee Maybe an Analysis on How you would want the Output can be a start for us to help you solve the problem. So are you updating the values of Column N in a website? If so, How would you want it to be updated, each time? Is it on the same field that you need to update or different fields?

it looks like you would like to form groups by Column N on the same Column Value.

Have a look on this GroupBy Demo, grouping by 1 column key and then process all group members group wise.

find demo xaml here:
GroupBy_1Col_BasicDemo.xaml (10.2 KB)

I’ll try to give some context.

Column N contains the order reference number (a unique value for each order). On that example I’ve given above there are 3 unique orders. what I need is something to monitor the N Column as it works through each row until the N column value changes from one value to another. once it changes to a new value I want it to create a new sales order on our ERP system using the value in F Column, which is a customer account code, and input this value into our Customer Account Code field and create a new sales orders and input the line items under the current N Column value, etc etc until it reaches the end of the datatable. I’ve supplied some images below of our ERP to hopefully help make it clearer.

@supermanPunch I hope this helps somewhat for you?

@ppr thank you for this, i’ll test this Group By demo you’ve provided in the morning.

Thank you both for your help so far.


Hi ppr,

This is definitely very close to what I was aiming for.

I have a question. inside the For Each loop before the For Each Row loop. I want to use a Type Into activity that inputs the value from Column F from each ‘grp’ into a field.

When I try to do it currently, it comes up with;

Can you help?

Thank you.

it looks like that is coulumn F from your excel that is:

  • same value in grp
  • also retrievable from row for all group members

gave a look on the demo log from demo xaml:

  • common group values are retrieved with: grp.First()(RowNameOrIndex).toString() ( col value as string)
  • row(ColNameOrIndex) (col value as string)

in grp all group members are contained and it can be multiple rows. That’s why use first() as we do get it frm a single row (The first group member row)

About the exception:
in general there is datatype issue: string is giving and integer is expected
from the screenshot there is on first look no hint except the missing first()

give a try on grp.First()(“Invoice_Lay…”).toString

ppr thank you so much my friend.

Just tested the grp.First()(XXXX).ToString and its worked just as I had hoped.

Again, thank you.

you have saved me a great deal of headache and I can now move onto the next step of the process.

I will test the for each row function now but i’m confident I can get that part working fine. was just the getting the lines grouped that was my biggest problem!

and thank you @supermanPunch for trying to help in the first instance.

I will try my best to learn and improve my explanations.

All the best.

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