How to use flag while doing any scenario in uipath

How to use flag while doing any scenario in UiPath can anybody help me with example

Could you elaborate on what you want to achieve?

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare

What kind of flagging are you talking about? It would be better if you can give more insights into your requirement.

If you just want to set a variable as a flag, then you can use Assign activity to do that.


just wanted to know how i can reduce code using flag if my code has multiple conditions or multiple if loop

Here’s an example that uses a flag variable to break the loop based on a condition: Test.xaml (9.7 KB)

You could also use the Break activity to achieve this instead of a flag.

you can use Config File for Flat Set up without modifying the code.

If you have 2 Scenarios and want to run 1st scenario,
then add row Scenario 1: True in config file
add another row- Scenario 2: False in config file…

You can swap the Boolean values to as per your scenario.