How to Use Find children to Select2?

hello all ,Im coding for a web scraping RPA.

I need to use Find Children Activity to get particular element from webpage then do forloop.

I tried many times but cant work…because the webpage used Select2.

any one can help? thanks

ps. I fail at red line part and need to get options anname.

Here its website and drop down menu image.

have a look on the demo xaml for retrieving the selectitem values:

feel free to adopt to your needs and change the selector according to your scenario and browsers
Please pay attention to the find children scope set to FIND_DESCENDANTS
Let us know your feedback

Demo XAML: tso1963172.xaml (7.1 KB)

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@ppr thanks for ur reply
Its work! ur awesome !!

but I have a question why I use “FindScope.FIND_CHILDREN”

cant work?

what`s different between FIND_CHILDREN and FIND_DESCENDANTS ?

thank you!

Find_children Looks for the direct children
Find_descendats Looks also for children in deeper Level below the parent

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