How to use Face++ API Key in Uipath Process?


I’m working on a project that will determine whether or not the person in both images is the same.

I’d like to integrate this API into my process; however, I’m unfamiliar with the API part of the process, such as which activities to use and where to store the API key.

This is document link for compare API [ Face++] : Face⁺⁺ - Doc Center (



Welcome to the community…

Did you figure out how to get the response from postman?

In UiPath you can download UiPath.webapi.activities package which contains http request activity…

If you have already done in postman …then on right top of post man you will see a snippet symbol(<\>) click on it and copy the curl and use import in http request activity and paste the curl it will automatically fill the parameters for you

Api key you can store in assets in orchestrator as credential and use get credential activity to get it feom orchestrator

Hope this helps