How to use F4 in studio when I recording

What is the usage of F4?

Hi @jmy

I think it is f2 what you are looking for

See this


sorry it’s F4 ,not F2 Thanks

Oh that one it just changes the UI Framework which is used to select the elements that we use at the time of recording/selecting elements,for some browsers performance of different frameworks could be different.

However, I don’t know deep about it, didn’t face any scenario to change it



Hi jmy
as mentioned above it let’s you choose the UI Framwork to record , which you can select from 3 or 4 choices to what it suits you… you can check from what i mean if you want to automate something that have a table in PDF or Word Document and you want to choose a specific line or a specific cell in a table in Word document ,
its really a very helpful tool that a lot does not about its existance