How to use Extracted Label schema in UiPath studio

Hi Team,

I am in the learning phase of UiPath document understanding with the AI Center.
Till the run of Pipe Line, I have done everything like below.
Use out of the box Invoice package
I added custom fields and trained the model.
Download Label Shema and run the pipe line.

My pipe line is taking too much time. for 12 invoices in waiting from the last 3 hours.

Question :

I have downloaded that schema on my desktop, and I want to use it in my studio.

Can I do that?
And I want this automation in attended mode only Without the purchase of the license, is it possible?

Hi @casper_sanko ,

Could you let us know what is the operation/task that you want to perform with the Data Set Schema ?

I believe we would be able to use Pro Trial option in Community Cloud for getting the required licenses for a limited period.

Its a invoice automation , right now i am using the pro version , but i cant purchase the license

@casper_sanko ,

Regarding the pipeline taking too much time, Could you let us know if you have assigned or have received the AI Units or have checked if it is available ?