How to use "External Applications" with ServiceNow UiPath spoke

There is a notice when configuring API Access in the “Tenants” section on UiPath cloud:

However, when attempting to work with the “External Applications”, it does not work when doing the current steps in “Set up the UiPath spoke” ServiceNow instructions:

Has anyone had any luck with this?

what error are you getting?

Not for ServiceNow yet, but for slack I’ve done the integration, it works well and as I see the doc you mentioned, steps are identical. Just make sure any restriction on ServiceNow from your firm is not hampering the connection as Oauth needs to be validated well in advance. Again, error might help us to help you.

I’m just getting “invalid credentials” unless I use the “User Key” and “Client ID” from the API Access section that’s getting deprecated.

The External Applications section gives an application ID and secret - but those do not work when plugged into the relevant fields.

Invalid credentials is the issue. Try those credentials to Oauth any other service, that might not be configured properly.

and make sure the logical name of tenant and folder is correctly mentioned.