How to use Entities/ChoiceSets in Uipath VB Apps

Hi All, IM facing an issue where I have an entity created called MyEntityTest and a choiceSet called “AutomationType” which holds to choices: Attended and Unattended.

I am using a Dropdown control and in the Source field I have added: GetChoiceSet(“AutomationType”).

The problem:
When previewing the application, the dropdown seems to have the wo elements, but the field are blank, not displaying: Attended and Unattended.

Any ideas as of why this is or what I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.


I have solved this issue myself. basically just needed to add “Name” in the Column field of the control.

Hi @Sidney_Vogel,
Can you please explain briefly about How to use ChoiceSets in UiPath VB Apps?

Hi @karthickrkumaran Sure

You can use Choicets In Lists, Dropdowns or Radfio buttons.

In the List Source Field, write: GetChoiceSet(“YourChoiceSetName”) where “YourChoiceSetName” is the name of your choiceSet that you want to use.
In the Column Field, write: “Name”

Please look at the image and follow the same

Note, as this is a VB expression, the values will not be shown until you preview your app, because VB is evaluated only during runtime.

Let me know if this helps.

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