How to use dynamic selectors of queue items in click activity


In this scenario I want to use dynamic variable in click activity, the variable will be the value which comes from the get transaction item.
so I want to give value of get transaction item in click activity. Below is the way I tried .
Actually am giving the dynamic variable in aaname but it is throwing error as “objectrefernce not set to instance”.But before click if I use write line i can able get the values,but same variable if am giving in aaname it is not working.
can anyone suggest.


In your “Assign activity” you have the variable name “testpage” but in the selector you use “pagename”. I think this is causing the issue :slight_smile:


delete the previous selector and try this

actually one more variable i have created and assigned testpage value to that.

Hi @manish_patel ,

so in that what is transactionvalue.

the value which you are getting for aaname from queue

Hi @manish_patel ,

I gave but still same error.

you should write like this in selector

Hi @karthik_kulkarni1 ,

The way you have define it is correct.
The variable should be define as {{variablename}}

Are you retrieving value in testpage or pagename variable ?

Also try to print the value you are receiving in variable inside log message activity.
It seems the variable is not getting value in your case.

Run the bot in debug mode to check the failure point.

Thanks everyone,it is working as I have used a assign activity before click in that i have assigned the transaction value to the variable which I have used in click.

That is not correct. UiPath gives us specific syntax {{variablename}} to create dynamic selectors.

hii @postwick

Thanks for response, i’ll implement this method in my workflow from next time