How to Use "Delay Until Time" & "Delay Until Date Time"

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I have gone through the Academy & could not be able to understand on
How to Use “Delay Until Time” & “Delay Until Date Time”.

can someone help me on understanding this Command, on How to Use this.
I tried my Best, but failed.

Many thanks & Thanks Again…

Hi All,
Please can someone help on this?

You can run a process starting at 4pm (16:00:00) and it will go to the activity Delay until time- (enter a time i.e 5PM (17:00:00)) and then at 17:00 the process will continue to work - so this could be used in a workflow whereby specific tasks are required to be completed by a certain time for the process to continue again.

The same thing with Delay Until Date Time - although the format is specific for DateTime.

Hope that helps.


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