How to use data type IWorkbookQuickHandle

Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding Excel automation. In StudioX, Excel “Refresh Excel Data Connections” activity requires workbook path. This workbook path is in data type IWorkbookQuickHandle. I didn’t find any explanation about how to use this particular data type in UIPath Docs nor this Forum.

Hi @tina.jl.liu ,

You have to use this activity Refresh Excel Data Connections inside Use excel File Activity this activity available under Modern activities and you have to assign the excel reference handle as input for the Refresh excel data connection activity . Please refer the below screenshots. thanks.

Sample screenshot:

Using Modern activities in UiPath studio:

I’ve tried and I found that it won’t refresh even when I set “Show Excel Window” to true. It refresh only when the excel file is opened . Is that how this activity work?

Yeah since the activity we should use inside the use excel. If excel in the open state only refresh will work. Thanks.

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