How to use data scraping

I have fetched table using data scraping
I have a variable "Thu 9:00 "
it must validate my varibale and content from the table.

@KarthikBallary- Check this… Let me know if that helps

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@KarthikBallary - Looks like you have fetched the table using data scrapping and you are looking for comparing your variable “Thu 9:00” with the contents from the table.

You can use data table activity ‘For Each Row’ and then compare the values for each row in the extracted data table with the variable. For comparison, you can use string manipulation functions.
Here is one example if you are looking for an exact match comparison -
row(“WIID”) - WIID is the column name of the extracted table
Equals(WIID) - WIID is the name of the variable.


Okay, If I foud how do I click on coresponding Action button

Refer above image. Use a click activity in the then part of ‘if’, where I have put message box. You will have to work with selectors to make it dynamic.
If you can paste a screenshot of the selector, I can help you with it.

webctrl id=‘gridview-1080-table’ tag=‘TABLE’

I would need some more information here. Basically we are trying to find out if there is any thing different in the selectors for different action button and then replace it with a variable.
Suppose I have a table as shown in the image and I want to select the action button whenever my condition gets satisfied, the selector for click activity will be like this - image. Here I have used RowId as a variable and depending upon the RowId passed, the action button for that Row would be selected.
You need to do same thing for your application.

can you show the assign value of rowId (screen shot)

You can refer the workflow -
SelectSpecificRowsFromAWebTableBasedOnSomeCondition.xaml (15.7 KB)
and the use case - Select the certain web-element respective to some conditions
In my case, the first row had RowId = 2, so I had to initialize RowId to 2 and then increment if there was no match.

Use UI Explorer tool to identify the selector of the buttons. Find the common attributes and variable parts. So based on the For each row iteration number, you can build the exact selector for the corresponding button. Here you have to use dynamic selectors.

I am getting error with your .xaml file. kindly send json file and other related files.

I have attached the project now - (14.9 KB)

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I did it by using find children,
Thanks everyone

But I have one more issue,
Find children selector is not validating,
morning it was ok, by afternoon I had red cross mark, why it happens?