How to use Contains.Help


i would like to Get Data with the character is abc and number is 10 digits.
-“abc0123456789”- True
-“abc 0123456789”- True
-“abc012-3456-789”- True
-“abc0123456”- False
-“aa0123456789” - False

How to use Contains Or do you have any other advice?

Hi @punnipah ,

Could you try with the Below Expression :

InputStr.ToLower.Contains("abc") andAlso InputStr.Count(Function(x)x.ToString.IsNumeric)=10

You could use the above expression directly in a If Activity or you could assign it to a Boolean Variable using Assign Activity

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Hello @punnipah ,

I think this query is already resolved in the below thread? Is there any other issues which you are facing?

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Duplicate of:

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Hi Punnipah

Is it constant pattern or it will change with any other characters after abc


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