How to use contain substring to find the same word wrote in many forms?

I have a datatable where 1 column has a string ( called Description ) with a text. I need to save the row where the column has a kinf of material, example, notebook. I used acitivy IF where is the conditional was TRUE, I´ll save. The condition wrote : Description.Contains(“notebook”).
My problem is, notebook can be write like : notebook, NOTEBOOK, Notebook, NoteBook, etc… There is a option that I can see th word without considerate sensetive key?


you can use


Convert string to upper and check if its equal to NOTEBOOK

There wasn´t something to verify if the word exists just with 1 only command? Using your consideration, I´ll need to do 3 or more searchs: notebook, NOTEBOOK, Notebook, etc

You have to check if it contains the word (notebook) or it have to be in the same format as well because we convert it into upper case

notebook - NOTEBOOK
Notebook - NOTEBOOK

I need to check the word.

Then the above method will work…try and let me know if anything needs thanks

Hi @Rodrigo_Fraga ,

Try to convert both the value which you want to compare to lowercase or uppercase and use .Contain function as mentioned below:

“This Notebook is Empty”.Tolower.Contains(“noteBook”.ToLower)
The above expression with return true as it has the keyword “notebook”

you should change your condition to something like this Description.ToLower.Contains(“notebook”) …

Hope this helps! Happy Coding!!! Please mark this as solution if it works for you :slight_smile:

You can use:

Description.IndexOf("your_word", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) > -1

This will match your word in a case-insensitive way.

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