How to use .contain in filter property in get outlook mail message?

Hi UiPath,

I need help let say I want to use the .contain method in get outlook mail message how can I do that?

I understand that I can use for loop and get it using the subject.contain however I want to filter it first before looping on the mail messages.

Please advise and let me know


Hi @aapostol

Try use this expression

Contains should not have an asterisk.
Either use item.Subject.Contains("Request") or item.Subject Like "Request*"

You need more information refer the Link:



Yes you need to use the loop to fetch the mails.

inside the loop you can use if for the purpose of contains. let’s say if you wants to fetch the mails contains PFA.

you can try like this Item.subject.contains(“PFA”)

this will loop through the every mail


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Hi @aapostol

Use Filter Condition like Below!

“@SQL=((urn:schemas:httpmail:subject LIKE ‘%YourValue%’)"


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Thank you so much it worked!

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