How to use Classify and Process Document part of IntelligentOCR package activities?


I want to classify 4 types of images/documents using IntelligentOCR activities, there are a “Classify Document” and “Process Document” activities but I don’t know how to use them. I am aware that Classify Document needs .clf file generated from FlexiLayout Studio and Process Document needs .fcdot or .alf file generated from Studio as well.

My questions are:
1- How to loop through all files and classify them one by one? I mean if I have multiple .clf files then should I test every document on the 4 .clf files? (Use classify document 4 times?)

2- If I classified the file successfully, then how do I extract data from it? What are the attributes and fields the output variable holds so I can get the required data from it?

3- How to output the data in an excel/csv sheet for later use?

I think UiPath should have some references/tutorials on how to work with this as there are a lot of questions arising around with no proper answers…