How to use Citrix methods to change a zoom percentage

Hi all, as my first project in Ui path is likely to involve a virtual machine and using the citrix recorder, I’m trying to improve my knowledge in this area and try challenges.

I’m trying to think of the best method to change to zoom on a PDF document to a given percentage either from the drop down menu, or by typing it in and whatever method is chosen, then reading back the percentage so I can confirm it is the one I want.

I’m getting a bit muddled around looking for images, relative clicks, typing in manually etc. Please can I ask for advice on your favoured solutions and I will try and implement them.



Hi @jordrowley

Have you tried type into activity


Hi @jordrowley,
This navigation bar in Adobe Reader is not easy to work with. You could try for example experiment with Computer Vision activities :slight_smile:

Hi both


Yes, that has worked as shown below. How do I now read back and check it’s 75 please?.


Sure, I will look in to computer activities now. Thanks for the suggestion,


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Try to loop the file and check the selector is unique or not


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