How to use Callout Dialog Activity

I was recently going through the activity panel and inside the dialog folder i found this bunch of interesting activities Callout, Custom Layout and Tooltip

i understand what is tooltip and how to use it but im unclear with Custom Layout and Callout

I add details to callout properties like indicating to a uielement but i cant find any other properties in there to be unque to it , it was looking like a scope actvity which is asking for ‘CalloutForms must be set’ but i dont what is that , i tried to search for that in properties and also in activities pannel , but couldnt find anything related to the error , my version of UiPath is 2023.8.0

also im not sure what custom layout is upto

Can anyone share some screenshots of how they actually look like when in action and also how to use them


Call-out activity basically allows RPA developers to create callouts in workflows that can present the contextual information and instructions to end users by utilizing WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface design.

Have a view on this thread on how to use it

Cheers @indiedev91


Please follow the tutorial,

Uipath Tutorials For Beginners - Callout Activity Uipath

its exactly the tooltip actvituy right ? the Dialog Ui Is identical and the properties too, infact the Content and the Title Properties are missing in the Callout Actvity and i confiemd that 2-3 times those same properties are inside the tooltip actvity