How to use Attented bot in community edition.?

I am not able to allocate the attented bot to my process execution, can anyone help me on this.

Hello @Tamilarasan_Dharmalingam ,

Do you receive any errors?
Can you provide the error or a screenshot to better understand the issue?


I am not able to add the attented bot to the process in Orchestrator (i.e the attented robot is not showing in the available robot list refer not showing)

but i added that from licence allocation page.

@Tamilarasan_Dharmalingam - Hi, you won’t be able to launch an execution with Attended robot in Orchestrator. If it’s an attended robot, jobs can be executed from the Assistant/Tray. Orchestrator execution requires unattended runtime. You can read about it here,

Why the attented bot is showing as unlicensed but i allocated the licence from licence allocation page in orchestrator