How to use AssociatedFilePath

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Currently I am studying UiPath Orchestrator.
There is something I do not understand, so please let me ask a question.
I’m looking into the “Set Transaction Status” Activity,
I do not know how to use “AssociatedFilePath” property.

Even if you actually set and move the file path, nothing happens.
I am sorry, but please tell me.


Am i missing something? I don’t see ‘AssociatedFilePath’ property for ‘Set Transaction Status’.


Rammohan B.

Thank you for your response.
Property has such contents


UiPath Acyivity Guide contains the following contents.

AssociatedFilePath - The full path of the file associated with the failed TransactionItem.

I want to know the purpose of use and usage of this property.

Thank you.

The version of UiPath Studio is as follows.


Thank you.

Anyone know how to set AssociatedFilePath ? I cant see the field AssociatedFilePath either. It is available in th API documentation (Swagger) and as a property on queueItem.