How to use array inside datarow (TransactionItem)?

I’m using Datatable as TransactionData and Datarow as TransactionItem.

In one column I need to use array. I can change column “Type Argument” as array of String, but when I try to use it in TransactionItem (invoked in different .xaml) type does not automatically link to that column. It always ask object type.

Is there anyway use array in datarow column? I can use normal 2-dimension array in different Global variable, but I dont want seperate it to different variable if there is other solution.

Have a look ,it might help you.
workflow.xaml (10.5 KB)
Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB)

Thanks Anjali01, that worked seperatly, but I had to use different way in my project.

It works when I first take it in object type. (Input was Array of String in different xaml) and then convert object to String array using: CType(testarray, String())

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